115 Years

115 Years

Very surprising how time flies past! This year we celebrate our 115th year.

We’ve certainly come a long long way in that time and many things have changed!

We are celebrating our anniversary this during June, culminating in a service of thanksgiving at St Mary’s Church on Saturday 15 June 2013 which was a great success.


Sensory garden


With dementia a growing concern worldwide, providing the right external environment as well as internal environment is seen as being critical by leaders in the dementia field.
Sprott is continuing to develop its state of the art Duncan Lodge secure unit, with plans to develop a Sensory Garden for our Duncan Lodge residents.

There is a definite healing process through gardens where people suffering from alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can smell and touch flowers, small herbs, grow vegetables or fruit and experience different textures. It can also help them to relax if they’re out planting seeds and vegetables or simply getting a breath of fresh air. This will be one of the first in New Zealand and will be a wonderful asset.

Of course, as a charitable trust, we are dependent on sponsorship and donations so we are fundraising to enable us to develop the gardens stage by stage. We’ve included an image of the very first planning stages below.



The brochure enabling donations to be made to facilitate the development of the garden can be found by clicking here.