A Second Home at Sprott

Our mother Mary came to visit Sprott on a cold and miserable day in May 2015. We had all agreed that it was no longer feasible to remain living in her cottage in Eastbourne far from daughter Sophie. Mary’s extended Beaglehole family are mostly in Karori and we had heard good things about life in the Sprott villas so we came to look. The welcome at Sprott was warm and inviting, unlike the weather!

 The decision was made to move and the transformation of Villa 2 was remarkable. Once her pictures were on the wall and Angelo the marmalade cat was installed with a cat door especially for him, villa 2 looked and felt like home.

 Mary often said simply ‘how lucky I am’ about her time in villa 2. She loved the sunny outlook and watching the comings and goings before her. She struck up a friendship with Jim the gardener and Stanley his dog. Helen from reception often popped over with a little bunch of flowers from her garden and a magazine. Chris, Melinda, Lynette and all the staff were always welcoming to Mary’s family when they visited.

 While she could, Mary used to walk down to the Marsden Village shops. Dilip and Minaxi Nagar from 4 Square ordered in the right cat food for Angelo and would deliver to her when getting to the shops became difficult. She also greatly enjoyed her proximity to Gipps St Deli. While she could, she would take a bus to the city from the bus stop right outside Sprott to go to the library or check out an exhibition.

When her health abruptly declined Chris urged her to shift across to a room in the main complex, saying ‘Mary, you are part of the Sprott family now and we want to be able to keep looking after you’. Sophie, Sabrina and Tom have nothing but gratitude to Sprott for the care Mary received in her last few weeks.

PS Angelo is still part of the Sprott family. He now lives like royalty with Lynette and has never looked better!

Sabrina Sullivan 18/4/17

Mary V2 2Mary V2Angelo4