It has come to our attention that a number of people are ‘rumouring’ the demise of Sprott House. We think the ‘rumouring’ came about because of two, unrelated events. The first was because our General Manager; Chris Sanders was speaking on TV3 on behalf of the New Zealand Aged Care Association about the recent much publicised changes in the health care sector on the pay equity bill for Aged Care workers and its impact on facilities like Sprott House. The comments were in relation to the Government contending that this would be a fully funded requirement of the industry but many, smaller and not-for-profit facilities have not received the funding to cover the cost of implementing the agreement. The second was due to an incorrect statement delivered by the former Chair of Wesleyhaven Home and Hospital in Naenae (Mr Peter Glensor) which has just closed. Mr Glensor heard the second part of the TV interview, put two and two together and made five, then at an event in Wellington recently announced that he was sorry to hear that Sprott House was also closing. Please find below the statement of Mr Glensor:

Clarification and Apology to Sprott House:
Last night at the event to commemorate the closing of Wesleyhaven’s Strand Home and Hospital in Naenae, I said we were not alone in the pressures we were under, and that Sprott House was also closing.
I had half seen a Tuesday night TV news clip, which someone else said began by saying Sprott House was closing. In fact the clip talked about an Auckland rest home which was closing, and Sprott House was quoted as an example of the pressures being felt by the religious and welfare sector of Aged Residential Care.
I am very sorry I mangled that item, and that I spoke about Sprott House during the function. Sprott House is definitely not closing, I’m delighted to say. I sincerely apologise to the Manager and Board of Sprott House for any problems I caused by my mistaken comments. Wesleyhaven has always had wonderful relationships with Sprott House, and we affirm the great care they continue to provide to older people. Long may it continue.
Peter Glensor Board Chair, Wesley Community Action.

The Board of Sprott House would like to reassure the Wellington community that Sprott House is not closing. The interview in which Chris Sanders appeared was speaking on behalf of the Aged Care Sector as a whole and not a specific organisation. We are working with our DHB and the Ministry of Health in relation to the funding shortfall, but this is in our role as advocates for the quality of care we want to be able to deliver to our residents; especially when we see funding is being ‘diverted’ into funding the agreement rather than service provision.