Choosing the right retirement village that meets your needs and expectations can both enrich your quality of life and let you to live your life the way to want to.

A retirement village offers an outstanding lifestyle if you want to live independently in your own home whilst enjoying the benefits that a retirement village can provide. People can enjoy the retirement village lifestyle whether they are 65 or 95 years of age. 

The term “Retirement Village” covers an ever-increasing variety of accommodation and services for older people. Living in a lifestyle village is for people who want to get on with the good things in life without the hassle of maintaining the house or weeding the garden. Our residents have an active social life, making friends, doing things and travelling as they want. Our villages are about living independently, and residents want to make sure they can do so for as long as possible.

Even if old age catches up, the Government’s “Aging in Place” policy provides assistance for village residents in their homes. The pleasures of village life mean that many people do not need a higher level of care until late in life – but if they do want the peace of mind an on-site rest home brings, it is possible to choose a village which has one. More importantly, if they want to remain independent, that choice is also available.